Fish In a Tree – Albert



Albert is an interesting character.  He has many layers.  Although he seemed simple at first, the more we read about him, the more complicated his character becomes.

On page 100 Albert explains why he wears the Flint shirt.   He talks about the Star Trek character who left Earth to be alone.

How is Albert like the character he is talking about?

What are Albert’s challenges? How does he respond to them?  How does he protect himself?

3 thoughts on “Fish In a Tree – Albert

  1. i think albert is extrondinary in his ways. other people think hes a baby because he watches star trek. its kind of sad how he gets beat up by other kids

  2. Albert is a very interesting person he loves Star Trek .I was wondering why Albert had those bruises but now I know why he is being bullied by younger kid. All he needs to stick up for himself, other wise he will be fine. I really like Albert I hope he’s sticks up for him self later on in the book.

  3. I think that Albert is different. He loves like academic sort of stuff. I think his challenges are he gets bullied because of what he likes. He gets bullied because of the clothes he wears. He wears weird clothes because I think he’s poor. He’s not like normal kids, and I am interested on what he will do next.

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