What is going on in this photograph?








This photograph was taken in 1908 by Lewis Hine.  What do you notice?  Who is in the photograph?  What do you think they are doing?

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is a picture of people working in a shirt waist factory. i guessed this because i saw all of the sewing machines, linens and everyone is sewing something!

  2. Are these people sitting at an old sewing table?
    I have one at home, and it looks kinda like that.
    Oh, and for those who do not know an old sewing table is a wooden table with a petal at the bottom, when you when you putt your feet on it and push up and down it turns other stuff like gears, witch makes the needle go up and down.
    The reason i thought this is because everyone was sewing something, or had fabric in their hands.
    Is this a shirt waste factory?

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